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Navigate the Material Maze by Planning Ahead with a Blanket Order

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The manufacturing world throws a lot at you these days. Material shortages, fluctuating prices, and unpredictable lead times – it’s enough to make even the most seasoned pro sweat. At Konrady Plastics, we’re not just your performance plastics supplier, we offer blanket order programs (also known as stocking orders) to keep your production lines humming and your costs predictable.

By placing blanket orders, we ensure a steady stream of materials at fixed prices, shielding you from market fluctuations and ensuring your projects stay on budget. We have parts on the shelves based on predicted dates that you’ll need those parts or materials. This reduces your time in placing RFQ’s and responding to price adjustments based on price fluctuation and availability.

Planning ahead with a Konrady Plastics blanket order allows you to establish one set price and establishes certainty that material or parts will be available when you need it. Once the parts are made, we will ship based on release dates that you set – freeing up space in your warehouse and decreasing your time shopping for the material or parts.

Ditch the stress and embrace the performance plastics revolution. With our stocking program as your guide, you’ll not only navigate the material maze with ease, but you’ll also unlock cost savings, boost efficiency, and ultimately, gain a competitive edge.